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Privacy Statement

Victory Productions, represented as http://www.seekvictory.com and http://www.heycomebackcoach.com on the World Wide Web (also referred to as the Internet) and owned by Mark McIntosh, respects your privacy and recognizes your need for appropriate protection and management of personally identifiable information you share with us (the phrases "personally identifiable information" means any information by which you can be identified, such as your name, email address, telephone number, mailing address, etc....). The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform you what personally identifiable information we may collect from you when you visit our Site, and how we use such information, and the choices you have regarding our use of, and your ability to review and correct the information. As we may revise our privacy policies from time to time, you should therefore periodically visit this page to review the most current Privacy Statement.


• We will safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information our customers share with us.
• We maintain very high security standards and procedures to help prevent unauthorized access to confidential information about you.
• We update and test our technology to improve the protection of our information about you and assure the integrity of our information.
• Only authorized employees have access to customer information. Employees who violate our privacy promise will be disciplined.
• We will not disclose or sell confidential customer information to any external organization unless we have been instructed by the customer, or are required to do so by law.


We collect and store the following information about you when you visit our Web site:


• If you register to receive any of the newsletters that are generated and provided by Mark McIntosh/Victory Productions/seekvictory.com (which is known as SUBSCRIBING to a newsletter),seekvictory.com will ONLY collect your name as provided and an email address as provided. "Registering to receive" or "subscribing" can be done through opting in to receive the newsletter via seekvictory.com, personal one-on-one communication with Mark McIntosh or one of his associates (i.e. signing up to receive the letter at one of Mark's public appearances) or by contacting Mark or one of his associates via email, phone call, or the website (i.e. sending email to Mark or one of his associates or using the "Contact Us" form on the seekvictory.com website.)

For information on removing, reviewing, or changing, your personal information from the seekvictory.com database or for changing subscription options to a newsletter - please see the REMOVAL AND CHANGING OF INFORMATION section below.

For Information about the different newsletters available through Mark McIntosh/Victory Productions and seekvictory.com, please see the VARIOUS NEWSLETTERS section below.


• The name of the Internet domain from which you access the Internet (for example, "aol.com" or "earthlink.net")
• Your IP address (this is usually assigned by your Internet Service Provider or by your local system administrator)
• The date and time you access our site
• The browser version you use
• The pages you visit while at seekvictory.com
• None of the above information identifies you personally. It merely provides seekvictory.com and Victory Productions a snapshot of web browser technologies and what parts of the site are being viewed.


Seekvictory.com makes use of cookies to ‘remember' visitors when they return to the site. A cookie is a small amount of text sent from a Web site to a visitor's computer while visiting the site. The cookie is stored on the visitor's hard drive. Seekvictory.com uses minimal information stored in cookies in order to provide a customized user experience. You can set up your Web browser to prevent cookies from being sent.

The cookie is established once you choose to become a registered site user. If you do not wish to set the cookie on your computer, you can set your browser settings to refuse cookies or you can choose not to become a register site user. If you have already chosen to become a registered site user and wish to remove the cookie - please use your browser settings to remove cookies.

You can also email admin@seekvictory.com to have your registered user information changed or removed from the seekvictory.com websites database. If you do this step, you will also need to remove the cookie(s) from your browser settings as well. Removal of your information from the seekvictory.com database will NOT remove the cookie from your browser settings.

For information on removing, reviewing, or changing, your personal information from the seekvictory.com database or for changing subscription options to a newsletter - please see the REMOVAL AND CHANGING OF INFORMATION section below.


Seekvictory.com will not sell, share, or otherwise distribute your personally identifiable information to third parties except as provided herein.

However, personally identifiable information may occasionally be transferred to third parties who act for or on behalf of seekvictory.com, or in connection with the business of Mark McIntosh/Victory Productions/seekvictory.com, for further processing in accordance with the purposes for which the data was originally collected. Most likely, since the only information that would be shared is a name and email address, the purpose of sharing such information would be to send out newsletters about and for Victory Productions, seekvictory.com, and other entities or events that Mark McIntosh may be involved with.

Where disclosure of personally identifiable information to a third party is likely or necessary, further explanation may be provided, where appropriate, at such collection points as to the intended use of the data. This means that Mark McIntosh/Victory Productions/seekvictory.com will notify you by the provided name and email, or posting on seekvictory.com, of our intentions to share such information. For more information about how we share your information - please see VARIOUS NEWSLETTERS section below.

We require that such third parties protect the information and, where appropriate, we will contractually require them to process data transferred only for the purposes expressly authorized by seekvictory.com.


Seekvictory.com will use the established email address database to distribute various newsletters that pertain to Mark McIntosh, Victory Productions and other entities and events that Mr. McIntosh is involved with. This may include, but not be limited to, speaking engagements, and promotional opportunities that may benefit seekvictory.com/Victory Productions, or any other entity that Mark is involved with.

Submitting your information to seekvictory.com in any of the above listed ways ("Information We Collect > Personal Information") may include you in these communications. If you wish to not be notified via emailed newsletter about these events, please see the sections on COOKIES and REMOVAL AND CHANGING OF INFORMATION.


Any newsletter that is sent via seekvictory.com, mark@seekvictory.com, or Mark at Victory Productions should have an opt-out option to unsubscribe from the email newsletter list. Follow that link and the instructions therein after to remove your name and email from that list. Or you may always send an email to mark@seekvictory.com or admin@seekvictory.com stating your wishes to be removed from email newsletter lists.

Currently, these lists include:
• "The Comeback Coach's Weekly Pep Talk" list - a list of all email subscribers who have chosen to subscribe to "The Comeback Coach's Weekly Pep Talk" newsletter that is sent out every Sunday or Monday.

• "Inspire Me Today" list - an email list of all email contacts Mark has generated and collected that have expressed interest in Mark's involvement with the website http://www.inspirementoday.com. This list is currently inactive.


To ensure the security and availability of seekvictory.com, we employ a hosting company, BlueHost.com, that consistently monitors the site and unauthorized attempts to access or damage the site. Unauthorized attempts to access, alter, or damage this site are strictly prohibited, and may be punishable under law.


Our site contains links to other sites. We do not endorse or otherwise accept responsibility for the content or privacy policies of those sites.


If you have any questions or comments about seekvictory.com's Privacy Policy or if you wish to review and correct your personally identifiable information held by seekvictory.com/Victory Productions/Mark McIntosh, please contact us by sending an e-mail to admin@seekvictory.com or mark@seekvictory.com.

Victory Productions
Denver, CO 80231


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